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April Global

Engineering Sales Company

April Global provides turnkey solution for engineering / technical clients willing to successfully access EMEA markets or to boost their sales and business in the region.
Thanks to the fact it was possible to unite many professionals under the same brand, an aggregator of qualifications was created and an exceptional opportunity to consider completely new industries for work was obtained.
The company’s specialists have excellent knowledge of EMEA markets for engineering projects, production set up, product sales.
April Global provides turnkey solution for engineering / technical clients willing to successfully access EMEA markets or to boost their sales and business in the region.
The company also operates in such sectors as:
— Conducting an independent examination of the design and estimate documentation (to assess the economic feasibility of the project).
— Examination of project documentation and engineering survey results
— Support of investment projects, construction projects and works
— Due Diligence

Минимальный Логотип бежевый студия красоты

— Soil improvement engineering

— Special machinery supply for soil improvement

— HV Electric engineering automation, protection, and control

— Industrial Electrical, electromechanical solutions and products supply

— Electric energy systems production, engineering, and installation

  •              Renewal: hydrogen, solar, hydro, wind
  •              Convention: gas, diesel, methanol

— Energy supply turnkey solutions (rental + sales)

— Water treatment technologies, wastewater treatment

— Waste processing, recycling

— Industrial gases filtration

Realized Projects

Types of projects:

1) Implemented in project design and deep soil mixing technology — around 2,2 million m3 + supply special machinery

2) Spec-in and supply of special electrical equipment for nuclear power plants — around 300 million dollars

3) Sales of ferroalloy up to 5000 tons per month

4) Spec-in and sale of HV electrical equipment for Power Generation and National Grid — more than 1 billion dollars since 2009

5) Merge and acquisition deals facilitation for industrial companies in Power, Mines&Metals — more than 200 million dollars

6) Industrial drones’ production and sales, and operation in agriculture civil operations, and Oil&Gas

7) Production location of gas engines and generators sets up to 50 kw. Sales of gas generator sets and electricity


United Arab Emirates 
Saudi Arabia 



Our customer’s feedback

The Trevi Group is a world leader in the field of underground engineering from A to Z (special foundations, soil consolidation, recovery of polluted sites), in the design and marketing of specialized technologies in the sector.
We have been cooperating with April Global since 2016 in the field of soil strengthening for nuclear power plants. From this company we received support in the implementation of complex comprehensive design solutions, interaction with customers at all levels, support for commercial negotiations, conclusion of contracts totaling more than 10 million euros.

Trevi S.P.A.


Soilmec is an international company leader in design, manufacture, and distribution of equipment for the ground engineering industry.
April Global has provided us with invaluable assistance in such areas as direct contracts with AtomStroyExport, support throughout all stages of the project, successful transactions of more than 20 million euros. Assistance in opening for the company and strengthening positions in previously undeveloped niche markets.



Metalleghe Group is one of the most active players in the international market. Production and sales factories form part of Metalleghe Group and guarantee quality of the product, know-how and competitiveness.
With April Global's help, we gained access to previously inaccessible materials from Georgia and the countries of the former USSR and were able to get access to new resources for the supply chain. April Global has fully taken care of the organization and support of negotiations, logistics and financial support of projects for the supply of silicone metals and ores.



AEG Power Solutions ensures continuous availability of power and the safe operation of critical applications in all environments thanks to a wide portfolio of power supply systems and services: AC and DC UPS, battery chargers, rectifier systems, service, and maintenance on a 24/7 basis, as well as customized UPS systems meeting customer specifications.
April Global is a permanent partner of the company, representing interests in the territory of EMEA for the promotion of engineering solutions and products of the company. Throughout the entire cooperation, we are very pleased to note the high level of knowledge of the market and the processes taking place within it, the excellent ability to analyze and predict work at the segment level. In the areas of industry and energy consumption that are of interest to the company. April Global provides work in the interests of our company on localization of production, mergers, and acquisitions with local companies in the relevant production segments.

AEG Industrial solutions.


Leading provider of innovative automation solutions in Material Handling, Air Cargo and Car Park Systems
April Global has highly qualified sales engineers and professional experts in the field of mechanics and technology who can manage complex projects in the field of electromechanics, robotics for rapid success in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Central Asia. Cooperation with this company is, in our opinion, extremely effective and allows you to gain access to new areas of the market that were not previously available and new opportunities.

ALS (logistics engineering, automation)


A global OEM company that engineers cutting edge and responsible solutions to the oil and gas industry enabling to perform in a constantly changing environment, through its ability to overcome complexities by integrating and adapting while applying over 100 years of history
April Global provides our company with comprehensive support in realizing opportunities in the Russian segment of Oil and Gas. And also, effectively reaches the top level of key O&G market players. We can confirm based on our experience of cooperation that this company really knows the market and understands its nuances at an extremely high level. April Global is a good door-opener for foreign companies willing to have business in the Russian O&G sector.




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